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My first role at Quicken Loans was as the software architect for the Spark Design System

In this role I provided technical direction for how to construct and package the design system used by Rocket Mortgage and related products.

When I first joined the team I was presented with a large challenge in developer ergonomics - both the APIs of the design system and the documentation for them were missing the mark for the teams meant to consume the design system, and the team was maintaining multiple front-end tech stacks to provide component libraries in vanilla JavaScript, Angular and React.

During the course of working on this team I strengthened my knowledge of mono-repo based build systems, and learned more about Angular and React. I provided technical direction on how to speed up and streamline build processes, I identified valid technical approaches to creating automated builds with live working components in tools like Gatsby and Storybook, and I helped strengthen the team's approach to authoring and maintaining documentation.

I built relationships with other software architects and tech leads throughout the organization, increased support for design system adoption, and helped increase collaboration between the deisgn, brand, and design system teams.

Spark is an open source project sponsored by Rocket Companies.

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