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I joined Future as a seasoned developer and product leader with absolutely no experience in the team's current tech stack. In what felt like no time I was up to speed on building Flutter apps for iOS and contributing to an app with some of the DNA from my last startup that I could have certainly used when I was starting out - tools for entreprenaurs to get paid for their work and keep their business separate from their personal finances.

My focus has been on front-end mobile UI using Flutter. In addition to learning the tooling I brought my knowledge of accessibility, design, and workflow dynamics to help shape the product and make it usable by larger groups of people. While I was learning about CustomScrollViews, GestureDetectors and the finer points of conforming to parent constraints I also got a crash course in how to integrate name brand 3rd party development shops and high-profile design agencies into the process of building a dense app for a tiny startup.

Future is currently in the app store but in private beta with big news due early 2023.

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